Murukala, The Murkdweller

Powerful spirit of the Skemp Park Marsh


Rank Ensih
Attributes Power 7, Finesse 4, Resistance 6
Willpower 10
Essence 17
Initiative 10
Defense 6
Speed 19
Corpus 14
Size 8
Influences Murk 3
Numina Innocuous, Pathfinder, Stalwart, Drain, Blast
Aspiration “feed” Murkdweller by throwing dead and rotting things into its waters.
Ban Cannot leave an open flame undowsed.
Bane Bright Light that cannot be doused.
Bonus +1 Strength, Ambush Specialty in Stealth


The spirit of the Skemp Park Marshland, the Dweller in Murky Waters, or Murkdweller as the pack knows it, is a powerful Ensih within the Pack’s Territory and while their goals don’t align directly, the two parties have come to a mutually beneficial understanding.

Murukala, The Murkdweller

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