Morgan Dulac

Dulac Family Soliciter


Virtue: Humble (He doesn’t need his name on wall to know who he is)
Vice: Ambitious (Because he knows he’s the most powerful man in most rooms)
Mental Attributes: Intelligence •••, Wits ••, Resolve •••
Physical Attributes: Strength •, Dexterity ••, Stamina •••
Social Attributes: Presence ••, Manipulation ••••, Composure ••
Mental Skills: Academics* (Corporate Law) ••••, Occult •, Politics (New Calais) •••
Physical Skills: Stealth (Beneath Notice) ••, Larceny ••
Social Skills: Empathy (motives) •••, Expression* (Closing) ••••, Persuasion* (Legalese) •••, Subterfuge ••
Merits: Allies (GC&S) •••, Allies** (City) ••, Contacts* (Legal, Corporate), Dulac Legacy •••••, Inspirational**, Interdisciplinary Specialty** (New Calais), Legal Training •••••, Staff (Associates, Paralegals, Investigators), Retainer** (Driver) ••, Resources ••••, Telepathy •••••
Health: 8
Willpower: 5
Integrity: 6
Size: 5
Speed: 8
Defense: 2

Long Term Aspiration: Learn about the Supernatural


Eternally terse and humorless, Morgan Dulac is a senior, but unnamed, partner at Garber, Cohen & Swan, where he acts as Director of Corporate law.

Morgan also acts as the Dulac family Solicitor.

Morgan Dulac

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