The Chronicles of Darkness are stories set in a world that is maybe a little too much like our own, but where the shadows are a little longer, a little darker and when you look out of the corner of your eye, sometimes they really do move on their own.

A City of Secrets

It’s said that the South is haunted by its own landscape and nowhere is that truer than in the bayous of Louisiana, where cities only just keep the natural world at bay and the dead refused to lay beneath the soggy earth.

New Calais is the second largest and, since the summer of 2005, most populous city in Louisiana, as well as one of its oldest; founded on the western bank of the Mississippi River by French architect Philippe du Lac in the early part of the 18th century and its oldest families date back just as far.

The City is known for its ties to the a number industries, with companies like Northridge, White Heart, TS Pharmaceuticals and LDI all having their American headquarters there, but like many industrial cities, New Calais has fallen on hard times. After Katrina, many refugees fled north and settled in the city even as those old industries closed their doors.

Then there’s the crime, gangs are a serious problem in new Calais, as is the drug trade, though the majority of violence can only be found in the Green Lawn, Midland and West Clay districts of the city, drugs aren’t held to any such boundaries and the city’s Meth, Crack and Heroin consumption is thrice the national average, even as newer, stranger drugs such as Solace and Pigment hit the market.

And there are stranger things still.

Blood Cults, ritualistic murders, unsolvable mass killings, a rash of disappearances back in 1984, the haunted riverfront, the packs of wild dogs that watch people conspiratorially as they go about their business.

The city is a dark place, its shadows are full of secrets.





Southern Gothic is a Role Playing Game Setting found in the Chronicles of Darkness and set in the bayous of Louisiana and the fictional city of New Calais and those who exist in the shadows. note that while this site’s wiki assumes that New Calais is nothing but a normal city, the truth is often much darker and may be accessed wherever you see this skull ( WOD_skull.png ) which acts as a link to subject matter’s true nature. Spoilers abound so click it at your own peril.

Southern Gothic

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