The Pure

The Pure hate the Forsaken for destroying the hunter’s paradise of Pangaea which existed before Father Wolf’s death, and actively hunt down and destroy the Forsaken wherever they can find them. They seek a Pangaea where humanity once more knows its place under the Lords of the Shadow Realm, and see no need to police the border between the Shadow and the world of mortals.

Their indifference to the affairs of spirits means that most denizens of the Shadow are much friendlier to the Pure than the Forsaken, but by the same token they have never sworn an oath to Luna to do Father Wolf’s duty, and so still suffer the full extent of her curses. Silver is said to burn them much more painfully than it does the Forsaken, and they are not granted the gift of auspices.

The Pure outnumber the Forsaken in a good many places, not least because they are less likely to be killed by spirits and have fewer qualms about killing other Uratha. Like the Forsaken’s Tribes of the Moon, the Pure Tribes band together in tribes, following the teachings of three of the great ancestor spirits of their kind.

  • The Fire-Touched – Spiritual leaders, they follow Rabid Wolf, fuelled by Fanatical hatred of the Forsaken and a desire to purge them from the face of the Earth with fire.
  • Ivory Claws – Cold and calculating killers, they follow Silver Wolf and seek purity above all other things.
  • Predator Kings – Primitive monsters, they follow Dire Wolf in the Bloody Hunt, hoping to reclaim the paradise of Pangaea.

The Pure

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