Southern Gothic - A Penny Saved

No. Title Cast Original Play Date
1 “Find a Penny” Constance Sho, Lawrence, Randall Stiles, Tobias Lamont March 30, 2016

Season One Cast

Constance Sho, A Beat Cop in German Cross with a reputation for being too ambitious and perhaps too eager to play detective when a local vanishes.

Played By Tina Jackson
Portrayed By Olivia Munn

Lawrence, A recluse who squats in an abandoned auto shop on Dobby Road. Nobody really knows him but everyone knows to steer clear.

Played By Megan Jenkins
Portrayed by Ben Foster

Randall Stiles, A timid programmer with a knack for networking.

Played by David Rahl
Portrayed By Robin Lord Taylor

Tobias Lamont, A massive doc-worker with a reputation for hurting people and a penchant for running afoul of the local police.

Played By Justin Harris
Portrayed By Wentworth Miller

A Penny Saved is a Role Playing Game setting found in the bayous of Louisiana and the fictional city of New Calais and chronicles the lives of those men and women that have had their lives stolen by otherworldly forces as they strive to cope with who they’ve become while remembering who they were. As a Chronicle of Darkness that uses the rules found in Changeling: the Lost, to follow a Motley of the Lost as they protect the Freehold in the Mist from threats from both within and without.

Southern Gothic - A Penny Saved

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