People for a Free and Honest America

Founded by Anna Christopher, the PFHA is an organization whose members believe that secret-keeping is always destructive. The Unmasked (as members refer to themselves) investigates paranormal occurrences and catalogues them, searching for as much information as it can.

The Unmasked have grown and spread from Louisiana across the American South. Anna, however, remains its true head. The group holds quarterly seminars in New Calais where all members are expected to attend (obviously they have no way to enforce this except social pressure, but that’s enough). Anna has fast become a millionaire, and works intently to spread the organization’s Influence as far as she can.

To that end Anna Christopher and her right hand, Abe Church, train the Unmasked members in basic meditation techniques, from the lowest warm body up through the trusted lieutenants. The idea is to keep supernatural beings from gleaning information from their minds. It works on three principles. Anna refers to these principles as the Gateways:

The Eyes are the Gateways to the Soul

Abstain from eye contact. Predators take advantage of those who trust too freely.

The Ears are the Gateways to the Mind

The Shadow-Folk possess voices to vex and confuse you, do not let yourself be deceived.

The Voice is the Gateway of Betrayal

Never say aloud what you wouldn’t broadcast on a billboard.

The end result of the Gateways is that members of the organization seem interested but unfocused, present but not engaged. newer members might come off as intoxicated, stupid or vapid, but those who have belonged for any amount of time learn to blend into crowds, listen to conversations from across rooms, and go from blending into the background listening to an mp3 player to right next to a target holding a knife in seconds if need be.


Gaining Status within the PFHA grants the following benefits

• Gain a free dot of Meditative Mind

••• Gain a free specialty in both stealth and subterfuge

••••• Gain a free instance of the Unseen Sense Merit of your choice

People for a Free and Honest America

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