Green Lawn


The Green Lawn neighborhood began as a plantation of the same name owned by the Sheridan Family until just after the Civil War, Emil Sheridan gave granted the plantation and all of the surrounding land to his freed slave Thomas Greel. By 1883 the original Plantation had been become an unincorporated farming community, of the same name. The City of New Calais annexed the community in 1883 as the city grew.

Today little is left of the original community, save that it is broken up into smaller neighborhoods each named after an urban park that is all that remains of the original farms. the district itself is made up of poor and working families and also has a higher than average crime rate since its own precinct was shut down due to budget cuts in 1996 and all of its policing is done by the nearby midland precinct.

The Apothecary – a pharmacy that deals in both modern medicine and new age holistic remedies.
The El Dorado Hotel – an old abandoned hotel cum flop-house that even the local gangs steer clear of.
Odell Farms Salvage – The very last piece of civilization when heading out of New Calais due south.
Seven Dragon Chinese Restaurant – A local favorite that specializes in both authentic and American Chinese food.
Skemp Park – The best kept of Green Lawn’s distinctive neighborhood parks,
Skemp Street Library – A relatively disused branch of the New Calais Public Library.

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Green Lawn

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