Districts of New Calais

Calais Proper

The Public and Financial center of the city.

Cornish Park

Named after the Talbot family Estate, Cornish Park is home to the wealthiest and most powerful citizens.

Green Lawn

Named after the Sheridan Family’s ancestral estate, Green Lawn is a working class neighborhood to the south of the city. It is also the source of the city’s cocaine and marijuana trade.


A small town absorbed into the city only recently, Midland, despite its crime problem, still feels like a small town in the middle of a big city.


Named after the Northridge Industrial Park that employs so much of the city, Northridge is actually a conglomeration of a number of smaller communities annexed by the city at the turn of the 20th century.

Old Calais

The oldest part of the city and home to its most prestigious citizenry.


A suburb of New Calais founded just over the Mississippi River, Overbend is the home of the city’s Korea Town and its sizable jewish population.

Park District

Is, in a lot of ways, the city’s heart, as well as source of tourism.

Talbot University

The University’s Campus and the businesses that thrive off of it’s students. College Town citizens oft complain that they want to separate themselves from the rest of the city.

West Clay

Old Calais’ destitute sibling, West Clay’s the poorest and most dangerous of New Calais’ districts.


Beyond the City

The Swamplands and beyond.

Districts of New Calais

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