Criminal Organizations

The Dark Stars – a small but aggressive gang out of Korea-Town in Overbend.

Filhos de Bruja – a Biker gang that traffics in drugs and people across the American-Mexican boarder.

Green Lawn Motor Club – A Motorcycle gang based out of Green Lawn that is the source of most of the drugs in the region.

Ochos Locos – a Latin gang out of Midland with ties to the Santoses.

Sangres Azul – a Black/Latin street gang that traffics in drugs throughout Midland and Greenlawn and is in direct competition with the GMLC and the Eights over territory in Green Lawn

Santos Crime Family – The Largest and most dangerous criminal organization in New Calais, its roots tracing all the way back to the end of the War of 1812.

Westgate Disciples – a violent gang that rules West Clay out of the Westgate Projects.

Criminal Organizations

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