Businesses and Corporations

While New Calais is a center for any number of manufacturing jobs, if the city were to have any one “industry” it would most likely be Pharmaceuticals, with

Blackwell Farms – The cornerstone of the Blackwell family’s financial empire, Blackwell Farms began as an Actual Sugar farm, but has since branched into other forms of farming, including grains, cotton and indigo.

Horizon International – A medical technology firm that specializes in fertility.


Luminous Labs -

Northridge Industries – An Airplane manufacturer that has expanded into Locomotives, Farming equipment and even bread and soda.

Shah Brothers’ – A chain of retail and department stores owned by the eponymous Shah Brothers.

Talbot and Company – A textile and clothing company.

TS Pharmaceuticals -

Washington Foods – A local and highly successful dairy that is looking to expand into other markets. They’re particularly well known for their incredible ice cream.

White Heart Pharmaceuticals – A DC based Pharmaceutical Corporation Founded in the 1980s. It only recently opened up new Offices in New Calais.

Wilson Blackwell – An Investment Firm with roots in the city going back nearly 150 years.

Businesses and Corporations

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