The Beshilu are the rat hosts. Blasphemous fragments of their bastard god, the Plague King.

The Beshilu possess a combination of panic and religious mania; their insane society is riven by schisms and heresies. They frantically gnaw at the Gauntlet, trying to bring about the merging of the two worlds and the return of the Plague King before the Uratha can give rise to a new Great Wolf that will finish their destruction. Beshilu hives are often evident through sprawling tunnel networks, nests in dilapidated buildings, and the spread of madness and disease amongst humans and animals. Denizens of the Shadow easily spill across the punctured, gnawed Gauntlet and anchor themselves in the material world. The Flesh wecomes a madhouse.

When in their infant stage, they resemble ordinary rats. their method of camouflage allow them to take control of a human by gnawing through the ribcage and eating their victim’s heart. They retain none of the victim’s memories or social skills, and their possession does not preserve the body in anyway, making it a temporary method of concealment. However, the Beshilu are able to hide effectively within a city’s natural rat population. When a Beshilu consumes enough other Beshilu, it bites a human and transfers its essence to the victim. This infects the victim with a cancerous disease that rapidly transforms them into a man-rat hybrid. Beshilu form primitive tribal communities within these hosts.

Beshilu are driven to gnaw down the gauntlet, the barrier between the spirit and material world. The holes they create in the Gauntlet inevitably become breeding grounds for disease spirits, which create plagues in the human population, because of this, the Forsaken destroy the Beshilu whenever possible. Beshilu hybrids are not nearly as powerful as a Uratha in battle, but they often can overwhelm the Uratha with sheer numbers. The Beshilu instinctively fear werewolves and will run from them if possible, but if cornered they fight with a fury born of terror.


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