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  • Garber, Cohen and Swan

    [[File:455458 | class=media-item-align-center | GCS2.jpg]] Garber, Cohen & Swan , based in New Calais, is one of the South’s premier full-service law firms. Advising a roster of diverse, selective clients — from start-ups and large global corporations …

  • Vic "the Dick" Conleigh

    Who the Hell am I? That answer starts 30 years ago in a shithole tenement in the Bronx. My deadbeat Irish drunk of a father gets just dumb enough to decide it's a great fucking idea to knock up his junkie American girlfriend and have himself another …

  • Morgan Dulac

    Eternally terse and humorless, Morgan Dulac is a senior, but unnamed, partner at [[Garber, Cohen and Swan | Garber, Cohen & Swan]], where he acts as Director of Corporate law. Morgan also acts as the [[Dulac]] family Solicitor.

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