Murukala, The Murkdweller

Powerful spirit of the Skemp Park Marsh


Rank Ensih
Attributes Power 7, Finesse 4, Resistance 6
Willpower 10
Essence 17
Initiative 10
Defense 6
Speed 19
Corpus 14
Size 8
Influences Murk 3
Numina Innocuous, Pathfinder, Stalwart, Drain, Blast
Aspiration “feed” Murkdweller by throwing dead and rotting things into its waters.
Ban Cannot leave an open flame undowsed.
Bonus +1 Strength, Ambush Specialty in Stealth


The spirit of the Skemp Park Marshland, the Dweller in Murky Waters, or Murkdweller as the pack knows it, is a powerful Ensih within the Pack’s Territory and while their goals don’t align directly, the two parties have come to a mutually beneficial understanding.

Murukala, The Murkdweller

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