Dania Jiménez

The Young Pup



Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 1 (2/4/3/1), Dexterity 3 (3/4/5/5), Stamina 3 (4/5/5/4)
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3 (2/3/2/3), Composure 1
Mental Skills: Investigation ••, Medicine •, Occult •
Physical Skills: Athletics ••, Brawl (Go for the Throat) •••, Larceny ••, Stealth (Ambush) •••, Survival ••, Weaponry (Knives) •
Social Skills: Empathy ••, Intimidation •, Streetwise ••, Subterfuge (Misdirection) ••
Merits: Fading •••, Fighting Finesse (Going for the Throat) ••, Small Frame •••, Tactical Shifting •••, Totem •
Blood: Soldier
Bone: Wallflower
Primal Urge: 1
Willpower: 4
Harmony: 10
Essence 10/1
Size: 4 (5/6/5/3)
Health: 7 (9/11/10/7)
Speed: 9 (10/13/16/14)
Defense: 5
Initiative: 4 (4/5/6/6)
Renown: Cunning 1, Glory 1
Gifts: Eviscerate, Predator’s Shadow, Skin Thief
Rites: Kindle Fury


Dania Jiménez started life on the low rung of the ladder, living alone with her mother in the ghetto of Green Lawn. Her mother worked two minimum-wage jobs, and often found herself fending off some creep or another who would offer to pay the bills in return for sexual favors. Her mother refused such advances, often earning bruises and black eyes for her trouble. Dania was frequently alone, but never doubted her mother’s love, and respected her mother’s strength and perseverance. Dania’s only true friend growing up was her next door neighbor, a latino boy named Hernando Ramirez.

Dania’s life took a turn for the worse when the cops showed up one night to inform her that her mother had been beaten and murdered by one of her coworkers, and that Dania was being placed into foster care. As much as she hungered to have a real family, Dania never really worked out in foster. She spent a most of her time hopping from bad crowd to worse crowd, in and out of juvie, and later on jail, for various misdemeanors; theft, vandalism, assault & battery, breaking and entering, a few arson charges, some weapon charges, drugs. She was one of those low-level offenders just waiting for an excuse to go big, always skirting that line that kept her out of county.

Around 19, Dania fell in with the Sangres Azul. It has long been said there are two ways into a gang: fight your way in, or fuck your way in. Unwilling to lower herself to being just a gang whore, a strength learned from her mother, Dania attempted to earn her position through force, earning many beatings and bruises in the process. Her speed, attitude and aptitude with knives earned her some street cred, but also made her a target for the men who didn’t take kindly to a slip of a girl trying to make herself Queen Bitch. Her willingness to end fights quickly by slipping inside an opponent’s defenses and going for the throat made her would-be assailants think twice before taking her on.

Ricardo Ruiz, one of the gang toughs, and his two bruisers Jamal and Enrique, warmed up to Dania, drawing her into their clique. Once she was finally at ease, they made their play. Luring her to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Green Lawn, the men beat Dania, stripped her, tied her up, and raped her repeatedly. Dania fought back, kicking Ricardo in the balls and making a run for it. It was then, angry, scared, in pain, and exhausted that her true heritage as one of Mother Wolf’s children was revealed. As the men chased her through the warehouse, Father Luna touched Dania, unleashing her Gift. As her senses heightened and her bones shifted, her fear vanished. Her anger turned to primal rage, and her exhaustion to supernatural speed and agility. She had always been fast, now she was a blur. She had always been able to move quietly, now she was but a shadow. The men found only her bindings, burst apart. As they advanced warily through the warehouse, Dania made her move. Ricardo and Jamal found Enrique splattered across the inside of a storeroom. Ricardo turned from the carnage to find Jamal’s head almost completely torn from his body. He hadn’t made a sound as he died. From the shadows issued a low, threatening growl, and one of them moved, baring vicious teeth.

Ricardo ran for his life. Every shadow seemed ready to leap for him, every light only served to frame him for the beast at his heels. He had snapped, utterly and completely. Dania drank in the scent of his sweat, tasted his fear as she followed silently, unseen. It was so simple, so peaceful. This was her calling. She reveled in the hunt, the silence and power her new Gifts bestowed upon her. She waited for the perfect moment.

Ricardo, meanwhile, tore through the alleys and slums of Green Lawn like a whirlwind, as if he might somehow be able to escape his pursuer by upending anything and everything. The chase finally ended at the edge of the industrials as Ricardo ran into the road, and headlights splashed across him. In his terror, he had sprinted straight into the path of an oncoming big rig. He threw up his hands as the horn blared and the rig’s brakes screamed as it bore down on him.

Dania was faster.

The driver would later recount to the police how he had slammed on the brakes, knowing he would never be able to stop in time, but never feeling the thump of the body. He knew he had hit the man, there was blood across his grill and wheel well, and the torn body of the man certainly looked like it had gone through a grinder…but how had the body ended up twenty feet into the ditch, and not cast up under the tires? And the rents and tears looked more like the work of some massive chainsaw than a truck’s underside. The driver promptly vomited, and knew he would have nightmares for the rest of his life.

Dania, for her part, drank in the scent of the world through heightened senses. She felt her body ripple with newfound strength and grace, and felt the hunger within her. The craving for the hunt. Her humanity called for companionship, the beast within called for vengeance. She licked her muzzle, tasting the coppery remnants of Ricardo’s last moments, savoring the taste of the Betrayer as she rolled her eyes in pleasure, tossed her head back, and unleashed a long, primal howl.

Dania Jiménez

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