Bridgette Du Bree

Obsessive College Senior


Mental Attributes: Intelligence •••, Wits •, Resolve ••••
Physical Attributes: Strength ••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes: Presence •, Manipulation ••, Composure ••••
Mental Skills: Academics (Literature) ••••, Computer •, Occult •, Politics •
Physical Skills: Stealth •, Survival ••, Weaponry •
Social Skills: Expression •, Intimidation •, Persuasion (seduction) •••, Subterfuge ••, Streetwise (Sex Trade) •••, Subterfuge •
Merits: Academic Training ••, At Any Cost, Contacts (Faculty, Students), Double Jointed, Indomitable, Iron Stamina ••, Iron Will, Striking Looks •, Unseen Sense (Vampires)
Virtue: Hopeful
Vice: Ambitious
Health: 7
Willpower: 8
Integrity: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 1
Initiative: 6
Persistent Conditions: Obsessive Condition

*Modified by the Professional Training Merit

Long Term Aspiration: Find out who I really am.

Breaking Points:
• Losing Control.
• Falling off the wagon.
• Being beaten.
• Being predated upon.
• Made to do something against your will.


Bridgette’s first memory is her adoption at age 3. She was given to her first set of foster parents, Ernesto and Roberta Gonzales, who took her in for the welfare check. They had adopted several other children for the same reason. The Gonzales were hoarders, and the children lived in squalor, essentially forming small caves in the junk to live in. As Bridgette grew, she developed an anxiety for the junk, and would attempt to organize or clean the mess. The Gonzales, level 5 hoarders, would beat Bridgette for attempting to clean the house, and were often both verbally and physically abusive with their charges, while presenting a perfectly normal facade to the public.

Bridgette at first acted as a friend and protector to the other children. The majority of her development occurred through school, where she showed a remarkable aptitude for academic study. She picked up early reading skills quickly, and found a passion for books. As she grew and the abuse got worse, she began to isolate herself with books she stole from the school library or found within the hoards at home, hiding them and herself in the closet she had claimed as her chosen cubby.

Her isolation syndrome caused her to remain silent about her abuse through school, but also began causing her repressed anxiety to manifest as obsessive neatness behaviors. CPS finally became involved when a standard welfare checkup revealed the squalid living conditions, and the abused state of the children. The Gonzales’ were arrested, and served multiple counts of negligence, abuse, fraud and endangerment. The children were separated and sent to new homes. Bridgette was 15.

Bridgette’s new foster parents were kind, gentle Christians named Veronica and Derek Miller. Preaching love and equality, the shock of personality change caused Bridgette to become paranoid, awaiting abuse where none was present. She became a nervous wreck. Uncomfortable with her foster folks’ views and behavior, she attempted to run from her new home several times, until welfare finally moved her into a new home with Marisa and Joseph Cavanaugh. Six months later, she stole enough money from her latest foster parents to make a run, and took off to make her own way in New Orleans.

Now 16, Bridgette made her living on the streets of New Orleans. Making friends that would help her on the streets she met Marquel Redden, who earned her trust with a silvered tongue and a golden ear. After earning her trust, Marquel promptly sold her into the sex trade for a solid grand.

For three years, Bridgette was kept drugged on heroine and thorazine, chained to a bedpost in a dingy basement with only a sheet for warmth. She would be brought out to perform her “duties”, then sent back to her cell. Food was often cold gruel, high in proteins. No utensils were provided, and she was washed daily with a cold hose. In order to cope, Bridgette shut down mentally, sacrificing her body to protect what little was left of her already battered mind.

With her looks, youth and “willingness” to participate, Bridgette became a prime choice for more important clientelle. VIP clients would have her shipped to high-end hotels (under close guard) to have their way with her, and over the years, the security around her grew lax. Her guards, not believing a single, doped-up little girl who now gave herself over willingly to every client was a threat, began failing to double-check her drugs, sometimes even siphoning them off for themselves, or trusting her to take them when she was ordered. Slowly, showing immense resolve, Bridgette began to wean herself off the drugs. At age 19, having survived three years of imprisonment, Bridgette finally made her move.

During an away visit for a VIP client, her pimp gave her a thorazine pill to make her more receptive and docile. As she had done so often recently, as soon as the pimp left she began working to vomit up the pill. Her pimp, having forgotten some item in the room, walked in on her, and immediately began to beat her in a rage. Bridgette finally snapped, snatching the large knife from his belt and driving it into his chest. Her rage took over, and she drove the knife in over and over again as the pimp gurgled and went still. She continued to stab, screaming and crying, releasing years of frustration and anger in one long stream of violence.

The hotel staff found her atop the corpse, crying and feebly stabbing the disemboweled, cold body, which was barely recognizable as human. The knife had broken at some point during the assault. The staff called the police, who took her in and began their investigation. Proclaiming that she was indeed acting in self defense, all charges against her were dropped. She was checked into rehab, undergoing massive detox and therapy sessions for the extensive trauma she had suffered. All expenses were paid by an anonymous donor.

While in rehab, she showed a remarkable retention for the books she had studied so many years ago, and her unique academic prowess reasserted itself. She earned her GED with the help of the institute staff, and at age 21 she was accepted to the Talbot University in New Calais with a full ride scholarship, majoring in Literature. Now 27, she is finishing her senior year, and is a top student in the university, though the scars of her past continue to haunt her.

Bridgette Du Bree

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