Abe Church

Head of Security for the PFHA


Virtue: Patient
Vice: Arrogant
Mental Attributes: Intelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve ••••
Physical Attributes: Strength •••••, Dexterity •••, Stamina ••••
Social Attributes: Presence •••, Manipulation ••, Composure •••
Mental Skills: Academics •, Computer ••, Crafts •••, Investigation •, Medicine (Field Medic) •, Occult ••
Physical Skills: Athletics •••, Brawl ••••, Drive •••, Firearms (Automatic) ••••, Larceny ••, Stealth (Blending In) ••, Survival •••, Weaponry ••
Social Skills: Animal Ken •, Empathy •, Expression (Inspiration) ••, Intimidation •••, Streetwise ••
Merits: Defensive Combat (Brawl), Direction Sense, Fast Reflexes ••, Fleet of Foot •••, Iron Stamina •••, Meditative Mind •, Memetic Infection •••, Resources •••, Status (Unmasked) •••, Style (Street Fighting) •••••
Health: 9
Willpower: 7
Integrity: 5
Size: 5
Speed: 13
Defense: 6
Armor: 1/3 (Torso, Arms, Neck)
Initiative: 8

Long Term Aspiration:


Abraham Church joined the Army, just as his father and brothers had done. He wound up officially dying in the line of duty in Somalia, but that was because the government decided he was worth more as a secret asset. He worked for a government taskforce dedicated to hunting down and destroying (or capturing) supernatural creatures for several years, until a mission in Texas cost him his team. Disillusioned with the way the government lied to citizens and resentful that they’d taken his family away, he faked his death again and found himself in New Calais.

There, he attended one of Anna Christopher’s seminars and fell in love with her message. He offered his services to Anna, no fool, made him her personal bodyguard. Over time, he has built up a team of highly trained, driven men who are just as loyal to him as he is to Anna.

Abe Church

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